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Rodilon Blocks

Rodilon Blocks contain the single feed difethialone and are used by professional pest controllers to kill rats and mice indoors in agricultural, domestic, commercial, food factories, public services, sewers, municipal and industrial buildings.To control rats with Rodilon place several baiting points (2-4 blocks) 4 to 10 metres apart (e.g. nests, on rodent runs, along walls, and where evidence of droppings have been found). For sewer use, where appropriate, secure the bait blockat its placement site to reduce the likelihood of its removal by surges of water.When controlling mice place many baiting points (1 block) throughout infested area, 1 to 3 metres apart (e.g. wherever damage, droppings or evidence of mice activity has been found). Mice feed sporadically and will consume small quantities from numerous feeding points.Rodilon Blocks have multiple edges designed to encourage rodent feeding and their natural gnawing habit.Rodilon blocks should always be used with a lockable bait station to prevent access by children, pets and other non-target species. Each block features a central hole that is ideal for bait stations with metal rods.


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